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WordPress is a platform that is enriched with the empowerment to the website owners and bloggers to create and manage content effortlessly. After checking many multi-author websites, it’s essential to understand how to enable WordPress multiple authors for your posts.

This functionality allows you to collaborate with various authors and enrich your content offerings. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of adding multiple authors to your WordPress posts, providing you with a comprehensive guide to streamline your content creation and management.

Why Use WordPress Multiple Authors?

Before delving into the steps to enable multiple authors, let’s explore why you might want to consider this feature for your WordPress website:

Diverse Content: By allowing multiple authors, you can diversify your content with different perspectives, expertise, and writing styles, which can engage a broader audience.

Efficient Collaboration: Collaborating with multiple authors simplifies content creation, distribution, and management, making it easier to keep your website fresh and up-to-date.

Showcase Your Team: If you have a team of writers, enabling multiple authors gives each contributor credit for their work, motivating them to produce high-quality content.

Now that you understand the benefits let’s get started on how to set up WordPress multiple authors for your posts.

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Step 1: Update User Profiles

The first step is to ensure that each author has a user profile on your WordPress Website. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Users” > “All Users.” Here, you can either add new users or edit existing profiles.

Make sure to complete the following for each author:

Name: Enter the author’s full name.
Username: Assign a unique username.
Email: Provide a valid email address.
Biographical Info: Encourage authors to include a brief bio that will appear alongside their posts.
Profile Picture: Authors can personalize their profiles with a profile picture.

Step 2: Assign Authors to Posts

Once user profiles are set up, you can start assigning authors to posts. When creating or editing a post, scroll down to the “Author” section on the right-hand side of the editor. From the dropdown menu, select the author for that particular post.

Remember that only users with “Author” or higher roles can be assigned as authors. You can adjust user roles by editing their profiles.

Step 3: Display Multiple Authors on Your Posts

By default, WordPress displays only one author per post. If you want to showcase multiple authors on a single post, you’ll need to customize your theme or use a plugin. Some themes come with built-in support for displaying multiple authors, while others require additional coding.

Alternatively, you can use plugins like “Co-Authors Plus” or “Multiple Authors” to easily display multiple authors on your posts. Install and activate the plugin of your choice, and it will provide you with the necessary options in the post editor to assign additional authors.

Step 4: Configure Author Archives

Author archives are pages that showcase all the posts by a specific author. To make the most of WordPress multiple authors, ensure that author archives are well-configured. You can customize the appearance and layout of these archives using your theme settings or additional plugins.

Step 5: Promote Collaboration and Communication

Effective collaboration among multiple authors requires clear communication and coordination. Encourage your authors to communicate within your team, provide style guidelines, and share ideas to maintain consistency across your content.

Step 6: Maintain Editorial Control

While multiple authors can bring diversity to your content, it’s essential to maintain editorial control. Define your content guidelines, editorial calendar, and review process to ensure consistency and quality.

Step 7: Monitor and Analyze Performance

Keep track of each author’s performance by monitoring metrics such as page views, engagement, and reader feedback. Analyze this data to assess which authors are resonating with your audience and adjust your content strategy accordingly.


Enabling WordPress multiple authors for your posts is a fantastic way to enhance your website’s content and engage a broader audience.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily set up and manage multiple authors on your WordPress website, fostering collaboration and enriching your content offerings.

Incorporate a diverse group of authors, promote teamwork, and maintain editorial control to ensure that your content remains top-notch. With the right approach, multiple authors can take your WordPress website to new heights, making it a hub for insightful and engaging content.

So, don’t hesitate to empower your website with WordPress multiple authors and unlock the full potential of collaborative content creation!


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