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We get this question often in your main Digital Marketing business: Are there any big brands using WordPress?

The short answer is YES, a lot, WordPress is powering 35% of the internet, that’s huge! Some of the biggest brands in the world are using WordPress sites, from Facebook to Time Magazine, the Whitehouse, and more. We have compiled a very interesting list for you below.

WordPress Website Examples


1. The White House website

– The White House represents the official residence and the workplace of the president of the United States of America.

White House


– Time magazine website. Time is a weekly news magazine, also a news website and it’s published in New York.

Time Magazine

3. Mercedes-Benz website

– This is a WordPress created website. Mercedes-Benz is the most known German automobile brand, with a long and beautiful luxury vehicle history.

Mercedes Website

4. Playstation website

– Playstation is well known by the games console, a world leader and it’s managed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is a powerful WordPress website example, a huge brand that has embraced the CMS platform, not just for their blog but for their main business website.

Playstation Website

5. Blog Etsy

– The global marketplace Etsy is a guide and a shopping website for vintage and handmade items.

Etsy Website

6. Go Daddy

– Go Daddy is located in the USA and is a publicly-traded internet domain registrar and a web hosting company. One of the best websites for purchasing domains.

Godaddy Website

7. Home Depot

– the largest home improvement retailer supplying tools, products for construction, and different services. Its a beautiful WordPress website example, that proves once again that even business one of the most visited websites in the home/tools/diy site can be built around this popular CMS.

Home Depot

8. Glass Door

– is the website that offers employees the chance to review companies, to view and submit salaries anonymously and to apply for jobs.

Glassdoor Website

9. Rolling Stones

– the celebre English rock band started in London in 1962 and today it has with so many fans worldwide.

Rolling Stones Website

10. Bloomberg

– privately held financial, data, software, and media company headquartered in New York.

Bloomberg Website

11. Sony

– is a Japanese multinational corporation with a diversified business: electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services.

Sony Website

12. Disney

– The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational with: theme parks, resorts, movies, tv programs, characters, games, videos, music, shopping and the story continues.

Disney Website

13. Plesk 

Plesk is a web hosting platform designed to build, secure, run, automate, and grow websites, applications, and hosting businesses. Plesk promises to provide a simple yet more secure web infrastructure, and currently, it is running on more than 430,000 servers.

Plesk Website Image

14. Qualtrics

Qualrics business management programs give insight data that help their user to capture the customer market and see employee insights at one stop. They are partner with the world’s top firms and doing business with popular brands like Adidas, L’Oréal, Peugeot,

Qualtrics Site Image

15. Dyn

Dyn provides dynamic DNS, managed DNS, email delivery, and internet intelligence service, which helps companies manage their online infrastructure. Dyn’s solution drives 40 billion in traffic optimization daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers.

Dyn Site Image

16. Tucows

Tucows is the second-largest domain registrar across the globe. They also provide fast fiber-optic internet service across the US. They believe in making the internet better since 1993.

Tucows Site Image

17. Sony Music

Sony Music is a New York City-based global music company with a current roster of international superstars to independent and developing local artists. They have nurtured some of the most iconic artists of history and gave us some of the most important recordings of all time.

Sony Music Image

18. Group Renault

Group Renault is a market-leading automobile manufacturer. This French multinational company produces a range of cars and vans from basic to futuristic hypercars and eco-friendly electric vehicles.

Group Renault Site Image

19. MaxCDN 

MaxCDN offers internet services to make your website and apps run faster with class-leading security. It provides real-time analytic data to give the user more control and make the internet safer.


20. MindTouch

MindTouch is a San Diego based SaaS company which builds self-service software. It holds a 43 million monthly user base. They provide a smarter knowledge management platform that allows an organization to create and publish content in a customizable self-service experience.


21. is a one-stop business solutions company. They ranked 5 on the 2016 Inc. Magazine list for the fastest-growing companies in the United States. provides a vast array of services, including websites, tech support, team collaboration, business listing reports, and many more.


22. SiteMinder

SiteMinder helps hotels to reach more guests worldwide, which further increases global reach. They help you to lower the cost of acquisition and increase profit margins. SiteMinder currently joins 35,000 hoteliers worldwide and provides a smart and simple solution to grow their business.

Siteminder Image

23. Marin Software

Marin Software is a platform for managing search, social, and e-commerce advertisements. They provide customers, revenue, and ROI for digital advertisers. Marin Software integrates your ad campaign data, align it, and optimizer it with machine learning and class-leading technology.

Marine Software 1

 24. Boingo

Boingo provides Wi-Fi accessibility on any device anywhere you want, making it easy to access the internet whenever you want. There are more than 1 million Boingo hotspots worldwide, including hotels, cafes, stadiums, airports, military, and many more.

Boingo Site

 25. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an advertisement management platform for Facebook. It is the easiest and profitable online tool available for small and medium businesses. They will help you to grow the fan base, increase engagement, sell more products, and optimize the overall advertising

Adespresso Site

 26. Toyota

Toyota is among the largest automobile manufacturing company in the world. They are famous for their high-quality and high-value cars, vans, and trucks with durability and long-term resale value. They are constantly developing new technology to make your diving experience better and safer.

Toyota Site

27. Loggly

Loggly is a powerful and affordable IT infrastructure management platform that provides IT industries services for 20 years. Their business is built around IT professionals that deliver application intelligence.

Loggly Site

 28. Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide is a global marketer of quality footwear, accessories, and apparel. They are known for their rock-solid infrastructure, quality, and trusted products. Their global footprint reaches approximately 200 countries.

Wolverine Worldwide

 29. SparkPost

SparkPost is a predictive email intelligence platform, and there is no other platform available like this. They provide email delivery service to apps and websites, and their plans starting from 30$ per month.

Sparkpost Site

30. Foliovision

Foliovision creates the most feature-rich video plugin for WordPress; it is very easy to use and includes numerous pro features. Their pricing starts at 75$, and it is a one-time payment.

Foliovision Site Image

31. aThemes

aThemes is a WordPress themes website. They are creating clean, simplistic looking themes which are easy to use. aThemes are continuously working on improving the design, functionality of their themes since 2013.

Athemes Site

32. GeneratePress

GeneratePress provides free WordPress themes that are focused on speed and usability. Their themes are incredibly light, stable, and optimized yet include many customization options. With free themes, they also provide premium plugins with more themes and functionality.

Generatepress Site

33. WPExplorer

WPExplorer provides some of the best free and premium themes, plugins for WordPress, and high quality 100% GPL professional and blogging free WordPress templates. They also provide WP tutorials, marketing tips, blogging guides, and many more.

Wpexplorer Site

34. S’well

S’well creates stainless, beautifully crafted steel water bottles that keep drinks colder or hotter for long enough. S’well is a proud partner of UNICEF and provides safe and clean water to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Site Image

 35. Airstream

Airstream builds travel trailers and touring coaches that last generations. Their product inspires adventure, promotes travel, and keeps people safe wherever they go. It takes an average of 350 hours to build an RV, and they include Mercedes-Benz performance and safety features. Site Image

36. Bata

Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker by volume, and they are well-known for their good quality and affordable footwear for both men and women. Bata is spread across 70 countries with production facilities in 18 countries and over 5,300 shops.

Bata Site Image

 37. Protest

Protest delivers trendy and stylist boards for hardcore boarders and newcomers. They also create fashionable and functional sportswear for boarders. Protest features two main collections, spring/summer and fall/winter for both men and women.

Protest Site Image

38. IZOD

IZOD delivers sportswear, performance wear, and high-tech golf-wear designed with a bold, colorful, and comfortable approach. The fresh American style with a weekend state of mind shows a youthful aesthetic.

Izod Site Image

39. Van Heusen

Van Heusen is famous for its revolutionary style since 1921. They are one of the best-selling dress shirt brands because their products meet modern professionals’ needs with a stylish and innovative touch.

Van Heusen Site Image

 40. FitBark

FitBark makes fitness trackers for a dog that monitors your dog’s location, everyday activity, and sleep and turn those into measurable data to get insights into your dog’s health.  These trackers can link with Fitbit, Apple Watch, Healthkit, or Google Fit devices, which makes it easy to use.

Fitbark Site Image

41. Tinkering Monkey

Tinkering Monkey is a custom sign making studio. This architectural studio takes a fresh and modern approach to craft custom signs by combining cutting-edge technology with a traditional and unique material combination that is built to last. They have fabricated more than 3,000 signs for over 500 companies.

Tinkering Monkey Site Image

 42. Skillcrush

Skillcrush is an online platform that provides classes in web development, including web design, web coding, and other essential digital skills. They featured in BBC, Business Insider, The New York Times, and several others.

Skillcrush Site Image

43. Portent

Portent is a Washington based full-service digital marketing agency that helps build and improve your brand and meet your goals. Their service helps clients to achieve sustainable growth and momentum, which lasts for years.

Portent Image 1

44. Human Made

Human Made is a WordPress development, strategy, and Consultancy, Infrastructure management agency and deals with high profile clients all over the world.

Human Made Image 1

45. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe delivers custom websites and web applications as per clients’ needs. They also design and develop phenomenal WordPress websites and in this business for more than 15 years. They have worked with the world’s leading brands like Nike, eBay, MTV, Steelcase, and many more.

Modern Tribe 1

46. Design the Planet

Design the Planet believes in excellence and delivers extraordinary design and brand development products, brand strategy, and marketing tactics.  They are one of the best digital marketing agencies of 2020 in New Orleans..

Design The Planet 1

47. Waaark

Wrk is a web development and designing firm which creates elegant, functional, and customizable designs for websites. Their designs will reflect your brand’s unique identity with maintaining an aesthetic impact.

Waaark Image

48. The Rolling Stones

The rolling stones is a 1968 British rock bang group. This band has performed more than two thousand concerts around the world, from small clubs and hotels to stadiums, they have performed everywhere. Currently, their website features their albums, merchandise, and concert tickets.

The Rolling Stones Image 1

49. Motley Crue 

Motley Crue is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, America, formed in 1981. The group was founded by Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mike Mars, and Vince Neil. Their album sales have reached 100 million worldwide. Their website features their latest albums and their latest concerts, and their tickets. They also sell their merchandise ranging from T-shirts, hoodies, and many more.

Motley Image

50. Justin Bieber

The world-famous singer Justin Bieber not only sings, but he is also a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Currently, he is one of the world’s best-selling music artists with over 150 m records. His music website showcases his latest and old albums with his concert and tour plans. You can buy concert tickets, a physical copy of records, merchandise on his website.

Justine Site Image

51. Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks is a professional American basketball team. They play for the NBA and have won one championship (2011). Their official website provides team details, additional media content, match schedule, tickets for their match, and team merchandise.

Dallas Mavericks

52. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most popular WordPress hosting companies out there in the market. They are one of the first successful companies to offer managed WordPress hosting. There are more than 500,000 websites under their hood. They provide a hassle-free, secure web hosting service.

Wpengine Image

53. Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is one of the most popular software companies that sell WordPress plugins that help many businesses grow. They are the partner company of WPBeginner. Some of their products are WPforms, MonsterInsights, and their best-selling lead generation software OptionMonster.

Awesome Motive

24. Yoast

One of the most successful WordPress search engine optimization business, which is founded by Joost de Valk. They help small and large companies to grow and manage their websites. Their full package of SEO products is so successful that it has gotten over 5 million installations.

Yoast Site Image

55. Envato

Envato is one of the most influential WordPress business companies today. They hold the popular tow market place websites ThemeForest and CodeCanyone. Envato’s theme marketplace provides bet in class themes for WordPress; 7 of their themes have been sold more than 100,000 times separately.

Envato Site Image

56. Elegant Themes

There are very few successful WordPress theme development companies; Elegant Themes is one of the most successful. Aside from themes, they also provide email plugin, social sharing plugin, and several other plugins.

Elegent Site Image

57. Caseproof

It is the parent company of Pretty Links, MemberPress and Affiliated Royale. Their service is most popular in building membership websites in WordPress. Pretty links help create a short trackable link for your company site, where Affiliated Royale helps you create an affiliated program.

Caseproof Site Image

58. IncSub

IncSub provides their managed WordPress hosting, tech support, site management services, and plugins mainly for educational websites like universities and academic institutions. Their sub-company Edublogs help individual teachers and students to grow their websites.

Incsub Site Image

59. SkyVerge

SkyVerge is the leading partner developer for They have both free and paid Woo-commerce extensions, which help to build and grow your website. Their Jilt eCommerce email marketing and automation tools are very popular.

Skyverge Image

60. Sandhills Development

Sandhills development is a company for developing custom websites for small to big companies. Their motto is to create products for their customers that are both joyful and lead to greater success. They create plugins for WordPress and AffiliateWP is the most popular among those.

Sandhills Development Site Image

61. WordFence

WordFence provides security plugins for WordPress websites. They are the global leaders in WordPress security. They provide firewall and malware scanner plugins that provide security and prevent malware and hacker attracts. 

Wordfrence Site Imafe

62. Web Dev Studios

Web Dev Studios are known for their best in class web designing and development services for WordPress. They provide plugins that help customize your website as per your likings, and their plugins are considered top-rated.

Wedev Image

63. WP Media

They will give your WordPress website speed and stability. Their best in class plugins helps to optimize the site. WP media is also the creator of WP Quick Install, making the installation of other plugins easy and fast.


64. WPML

WPML is what makes your website multilingual. It is a plugin for WordPress, which lets the website run multilingual. Their advanced features and translation management let the author write content in different languages.

Wpml Image

65. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus provides the most trusted backup plugin for WordPress, which lets you protect your precious digital data.  They provide their service to more than 2 million WordPress websites. UpdraftPlus is being used by some world’s top organizations like NASA, Microsoft, P&G, etc. 


66. Imagely

Image is the best friend for a photographer; their products are most popular among photographers and provide them the best tools they need for their website. They provide image gallery plugins for WordPress, and NextGEN gallery is one the most popular ones.

Imagely Image

67. Elementor

Elementor is a leading website builder plugin for professionals. The easy-to-use quality and the drag and drop page builder feature get it to be 4.5 K-star reviews. Their offerings are both free and premium, and currently, their basic plant is starting at 49 USD per year.

Elementor Image

68. Themify

Themify is a WordPress tool that gives you the ability to design your website just like you imagine. Their drag and drop page builder feature and customizable themes are very popular and useful. Themify provides themes of different categories to fulfill various industries ‘ needs.

Themify Images

69. Beaver builder

Beaver Builder is considered the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress. They build templates for both landing and content pages and makes it easy to create stunning WordPress pages. They are free at their core, but their pro plan lets you use more useful features.

Beaver Builder Image

70. 10up

10up is one of the few WordPress featured VIP partners. They are specialized in web designing and consultancy. The provides WordPress plugins that give you the functionality to customize your webpage. 10up has a very interesting list of clients like Microsoft, Adobe, TechCrunch, Google, etc. 

10Up Site

71. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting platforms, which is recommended by WordPress. It is a dedicated WordPress hosting provider and powers more than 2 million websites. They provide the safest affordable, and best-in-class hosting service.

Bluehost Site Image

72. SiteGround

SiteGround is the number one web hosting platform. WordPress officially recommends this as it offers fast and secure hosting plans. SiteGround provides hosting services to many popular companies; it also provides managed WooCommerce hosting service for WordPress.

Siteground Site Image

73. BBC America

 BBC America is a Ney York bases television channel broadcasting network jointly owned by BBC Studios and AMC Networks. It is a channel that mainly airs action and science fiction series and film as well as some selected programs from the original British Broadcasting Corporation. It is a commercial channel having traditional advertisement-based sponsorship as well as television subscription fees.

Bbc America

74. Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional Services is a subsection of the Bloomberg Company that deals with rendering information, data, and facts to the network of financial decision-makers. It provides analytical and legal research, economic and industry-related ideas, and innovative technology, which helps individuals and enterprises reach their conclusions quickly without hassle.   

Bloomberg Professional

75. Marks and Spencer for Business

Marks and Spencer for Business is another division of the retail line M&S that offers corporate and business gifts. This line is made for industry gifting and appreciation to help clients, customers, and employees. It helps the individuals or firms provide gifts to ones they consider important for their corporate growth in the festive seasons.

Marks And Spencer For Business

76. Rotary Club

Rotary Club is a non-political and non-religious organization that brings together people from all walks of life for humanitarian causes. It is an international foundation that unites the globe through communities that offer peace and goodwill services. It has over 1.2 million members and 35000+ clubs. 

Rotary Club

77. Automattic

Automattic is the parent company behind the popular blog hosting website, WordPress. It is also the parent company to many other popular WordPress products and services like WooCommerce, Vault Press, and others. It is an American global distributed company found by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg is currently valued at 3 billion American Dollars.  


78. Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide is a global footwear brand known for Wolverine Boots and Shoes and other sub-brands such as hushpuppies and Merrell. It is a publicly-traded American shoe company founded in 1883 by G.A. Krause and Fredrick Hirth. Their global footprint count is spread across 200 countries, and they believe in environment-friendly leather manufacturing.

Wolverine Worldwide 1

79. AMC

 AMC is an American Multinational  Cable television channel owned by AMC Networks. The channel airs movies, theatre programs, and its original content, such as The Prisoners. It was launched in 1984 as the American Movie Classics but has changed its programming through the years, thus losing the actual meaning of the acronym.


80. IBM

 International Business Machines Corporation is a multinational company headquartered in New York that has a cliental base of over 170 countries. It is a technology and consulting company employing over 3.5 lakh people. It’s a cloud platform and cognitive solution company where innovation is given the maximum importance.


81. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is a global company that caters to the needs of billions of people worldwide. It develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, personal computers, and other renders to other technological services. 


82. Ford

 Ford Motor Company is an International automobile creating organization founded by Henry Ford 117 years ago. It inputs nearly 5.5 million vehicles yearly. The headquarter is based in Michigan.


83. Odyssey

Odyssey BMX is a bicycle spare and parts company that specializes in BMX. It is based in California. The company has 5 US distributors and a further 44 worldwide.


84. Blackberry

 Blackberry is an Internationally acclaimed Canadian software and Internet of Things company that came out with its own range of smartphones and tablets. It was popular for the range of phones involving the computer keyboard style QWERT key system in its smartphones. BBM or BlackBerry Messenger became a brand of its own due to the increased number of texters that was catalyzed by this simplified mobile keypad system. The company was founded in 1984 and had its headquarters in Waterloo.


85. Rovio Entertainment

 Rovio Entertainment Oyj is a video game development firm based in Finland. The company is known best for its world-renowned video game series called The Angry Birds franchise, based on which even films and comics were also made. Kati Levoranta is the CEO of this company that has a net income of 20.597 million euros Syearly and employs around 391 people to develop the graphic and distribution of the games.

Rovio Entertainment