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Executive summary

MillionPlus features luxury homes, private jets, yachts, prestige cars and other million pound plus assets from trusted partners and owners. They handle over £300 million of enquiries every month from high net worth individuals looking for off-market deals or complex finance solutions.

Listing Strategy

Radu Balas Digital has created a product listing wireframe and process template, to bring real value to each luxury item web listing, for higher google indexing and increased conversions. But also to strengthen the brand appeal and better position Million Plus as a sector leader.

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Smart Marketing

Increase traffic and exposure for core products and generate finance MQL for items above £1 million.

Wireframe elements:

Enhanced Security for every page

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the backbone of internet security, protecting sensitive information as it travels across the World Wide Web. The “https” protocol gives our visitors an extra layer of trust. Various studies also show that it will help the website rank higher.

Product URL

The structure and hierarchy of the URL are vital for better indexing, branding and simple sharing on social networks. People often think this step is unimportant, but creating a clear path for your website visitors and Google comes with considerable benefits. Short URLs generally work best. And even if most of the visitors will never notice them, what you should know is that the URL matters:

  • Better user experience;
  • It’s a ranking factor;
  • Sharing and engagement.

Image Of Enhanced Security And Product Url.


This small bit of text helps visitors understand where they are, making the website feel more organized and easier to navigate. It’s functionality packed in a very small size.  Below, an example of a bad-optimized breadcrumb/site structure and its missed opportunities:

Image Of Bad Breadcrumb Example Real Estate.

Product title

[Adjective + Feature + Keyword + Location + Price + Clear/Short Finance Call to Action + Unique Selling Proposition]

This is one of the most important parts t get right. Each page needs a good title both to attract visitors and for better indexing on Google.

The keyword is selected based on a few criteria. We have developed our own formula to find the best keyword, but generally, it is based on the number of monthly searches, difficulty and buyer intent.

Finance Call to action

Each product page will have a RELEVANT, visible, strong call to action designed to let people know that we can provide proper finance for their property/jet/yacht or anything similar. The finance Call to Action will follow visitors across the page as they scroll up or down.

Newsletter Sign-up form

A way for visitors to join the newsletter with a strong incentive to do so. Below, a sample of content:

Not quite what you are looking for?
Join other 2,500 high-net-worth individuals and unlock private, off-market deals.

Product Gallery

SEO-optimized and branded images with the M+ logo. The unique images are taken with print screen software, so no duplicate meta information is retained. Each image has an individual “alt title”, file name and “meta-information” written in-house and using SEO best practices. Each image is individually optimized for the web.

Product Price

An automatic location-based currency tool will show the price in the visitor’s local currency, while a selector will allow them to change the automatic selection.

Product Short Description

A unique descriptive SEO short paragraph that will also be used as meta information and open graph for social media.

Image Of Product Short Description.

Call us Today button

People love speaking directly with someone for products of this kind and a direct call feature embedded on the website is compelling.

Make an Enquiry button

A complete form that allows us to capture simple yet relevant data.

Tabs – Content table links

  • Details;
  • Features;
  • Floor Plan;
  • Location;
  • Inquiry info.

Long Product Description

A unique, Copyscape-verified description, written with SEO best practices in mind and thoroughly checked through a complete editorial process.

Download Brochure

A printable PDF brochure is created and uploaded for each item on the website, so visitors can easily download and print out relevant information.

Product Video

Creation of a short video to use on the website, but also on social media and YouTube. Google likes complete pages.

Image Of Product Vide Preview.

Product Video Preview

The video thumbnail, as it’s called, is an important tool for increasing CTR. We plan to design a beautiful image using a brandable layout for each video we create. There are several reasons why it is important to create a short video for each product.

  1. Some people prefer watching videos instead of reading text;
  2. Easier to reach more distribution channels: YouTube, Vimeo, all social media channels;
  3. Using simple code, we can put the videos in the page meta information, and Gooogle will display a much bigger search result – thus, increasing the organic click-through rate dramatically;
  4. Accessing another distribution channel – video search.


Starting from the brochure layout, we want to repurpose that content to create beautiful infographics. This will enhance the product page and allow us to beautifully display these unique amazing items on sites like Pinterest. (Pinterest is a massive traffic source for beautiful homes, unique jewellery, cars and luxury items in general.)

Open Graph / Twitter Cards

Open Graph tags will increase the performance of social media links by displaying a beautiful image, custom description, and a great call to action for each property/item. The Open Graph protocol is very well distributed nowadays, going beyond social media. You can see open graphs being displayed even in SMS or WhatsApp messages.

Open Graph Real Estate

Social Sharing

Each listing will go live on 15 different social media platforms, for at least 3 times in the course of the following two months.

  • Regular share on major social platforms
  • Image share
  • Story with hashtags
  • Video share

Image Of Social Sharing.

Keyword Research

It is necessary to identify the best possible keywords for each listing using a combination of tools and competition analysis, but also to identify all possible keyword variations and use them as backlink anchor texts.

For example: Mansion in Chesire vs. Chesire Mansion

Social Signals

Making sure that each social share has, right from the start, satisfactory social engagement levels needed to help the social boost as well as the page SEO through good social signs.

Automatic Distribution

We will set a system to acquire backlinks on each new listing on the day it gets published. Acquiring a number of 30-40 new links right away will help the page rank on Google much faster.

Internal Links

As new listings are added to the website, we can find relevant places and keywords to link from other pages on the Million Plus website.

External Links

From time to time, we can add external links from related, high domain authority websites.