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This is one of the best examples of how NOT to send emails. This will never work, this will not help any business grow, this could even hurt a business.

I know you are getting similar emails all the time.

But are you or a member of your team making the same mistakes? See my simple review/checklist below.

Let me show you some numbers. If you are not getting consistent 50% open rates you need to revisit the strategy.

Picture Of Cold Email Open Rates.

You are making mistakes in your campaign if:

  1. open rates under 40%
  2. no follow up sequence
  3. you don’t even know your open rates
  4. you are not sending email daily
  5. you are selling and not offering real value
  6. you are talking about your business, not theirs
  7. not cleaning, checking lists
  8. sending to random people
  9. buying lists
  10. sending “cold” newsletters
  11. only validating using
  12. sending using an email that is not fully authenticated

If you have some sort of system in place, great would love to talk about it, maybe we can help or better yet learn something new.

However, if in the past 12 months you haven’t reached out via email to at least 5.000 people, let’s talk.

This is a simple system you can easily plug it to your existing funnels or marketing efforts.

Last time we did this at any scale we were getting about $8,000 return for every $2,000 invested. More profitable than any of our marketing channels other than maybe word of mouth.