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In the ever-evolving world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), having the right tools at your disposal is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or a beginner looking to improve your website’s visibility, free SEO tools can provide invaluable insights and help optimize your efforts. This article discusses 41 of the best free SEO tools available in 2023. These tools range from keyword research and technical SEO to content optimization and link building, offering a comprehensive suite for your SEO needs. Let’s dive in and explore these tools.

SemrushOffers a range of tools including the Keyword Magic Tool, Position Tracking tool, Site Audit tool, and more.
Answer The PublicFinds questions that people ask on forums, blogs, and social media and turns them into keywords.
Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis ToolProvides an overall SEO score and shows how to improve your site’s on-page and off-page SEO.
Animalz ReviveHelps find older content on your site that needs an update or upgrade.
CanIRankA keyword difficulty tool that tells you whether or not you can rank for a keyword.
Google LighthouseA browser extension that provides detailed reports about your site’s SEO performance.
Google’s Mobile-Friendly TestTests whether or not Google considers your site mobile-friendly.
SEOquakeA browser extension that allows you to analyze different search engine metrics in real-time.
Seed KeywordsA tool that helps you find fresh keyword ideas based on how your customers would search for you online.
Exploding TopicsIdentifies topics that are just starting to trend.
GTmetrixAnalyzes the technical health of your site, including page load speeds.

Provides structured data that helps search engines understand the content and context of your page.
SeobilityCrawls your entire site and identifies search engine optimization issues.
UbersuggestProvides keyword suggestions and competition data.
Similarweb Browser ExtensionAllows you to analyze your site in depth, including demographics of your audience.
BROWSEOAllows you to see your site through the eyes of a search engine.
Detailed.comProvides a curated list of the most popular sites in your industry.
GrammarlyA browser plugin that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes and makes suggestions on how to improve the writing in your content.
Google Search ConsoleProvides data on whether or not your SEO efforts are paying off.
SERPeratorAllows you to check the SERPs across different locations and devices.

Google TrendsProvides real-time information about trending topics.

Rank Math

A WordPress SEO plugin that helps you to optimize your site and improve your rankings.
Screaming FrogFinds and fixes technical SEO issues in seconds.
SoovleGathers popular keywords from platforms like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, and
ShortPixelAllows you to compress and resize your images allowing for faster page load times.

Google AnalyticsProvides data on how people find and interact with your site.
Reddit Keyword Research ToolScrapes Reddit words and phrases that tend to crop up in specific subreddits.
MozBarA browser extension that allows you to see the domain authority (DA) of sites right in the SERPs.
Yoast WordPress PluginA robust SEO plugin for WordPress.
Panguin ToolCorrelates your search traffic with known Google updates.
Wordtracker ScoutAllows you to see the most common terms on a page.
CloudflareA content delivery network (CDN) that caches static content across multiple servers.
ChatGPTCan be used to create optimized content, suggest keywords, generate schema markup, create meta titles, and more.
BrightLocal’s Local SERP Checker

Provides valuable insights into local search results.


What are some of the best free SEO tools?

Some of the best free SEO tools include Semrush, Answer The Public, Google Lighthouse, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, and Yoast WordPress Plugin.

How can free SEO tools help improve my website's visibility?

Free SEO tools can help you identify and fix technical SEO issues, conduct keyword research, analyze your site’s performance, track your rankings, and much more, ultimately improving your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Are there free SEO tools that can help with content optimization?

Yes, tools like Grammarly, ChatGPT, and Yoast WordPress Plugin can help with content optimization.

Can I use free SEO tools to analyze my competition?

Yes, tools like, MozBar, and Similarweb Browser Extension can provide valuable insights into your competition.

Are there free SEO tools specifically for WordPress?

Yes, Rank Math and Yoast WordPress Plugin are two of the most popular SEO tools specifically designed for WordPress.


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