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Best Selling Author

Marketing & Conversion Expert

radu balas clients and partners

Some very smart people love working with us. We help them with brand identity brand vision the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy. Our focus? Fast exposure, MQL and conversions. Preferably in a few weeks, not months or years.

Million Plus

MillionPlus features luxury homes, private jets, yachts, prestige cars and other million pound plus assets from trusted partners and owners. For high net worth individuals looking for their next property, to the classic car collector searching for that rare marque.


ASG has a well-earned reputation as a "go to" choice for business and general aviation services. With a wide range of capabilities available to aircraft owners and operators, requiring technical services or in need of assistance in buying or selling an aircraft.


Southeast Asia’s leading cashless payment community of events and venues. View video trailer or read the article we have created for them on The Blocnation App is both a decentralized exchange and a multiple cryptocurrencies wallet, simple to use and of most importance, incredibly secure.


Air Taxi pioneers, the brilliant team behind the McFly project created an ecosystem where technology companies provide their products to transport developers so that they can sell air taxi service to passengers. McFly is incubating the Air Taxi Management System and an international community of its developers, operators and final users.


Pula Aviation Company operated by the Lansdown family office began to develop its aviation interests in the UK in 2016 with the acquisition of Centreline AV Ltd., a company with whom it had enjoyed a close working relationship for a number of years. Radu Balas team was a key milestone during the merger.

Louis Carter

Louis Carter is CEO and President of Best Practice Institute, consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and C-suite senior executives achieve their market strategy through organization learning, action learning, and HR SaaS software. He has spoken for the Pentagon, Prime Minister of the UAE's HR Lighthouse Initiative and UN officials, and various international conferences on his work and research.

David Sammel

David Sammel is a world prominent and accredited tennis coach, sports consultant and writer. He has coached and mentored tennis players including current prost Liam Broady, Marcus Daniel and Samantha Murray. His book and online courses are some of the most powerful to hit the sporting world in decades.

Raw Wealth

RAW Wealth Management is an innovative asset management firm offering unique investment opportunities into businesses we believe in. They specialize in partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs who are building iconic companies of tomorrow offering private investors access to investment opportunities not available elsewhere.

Large Mortgage Loans

It specialises in creating innovative and bespoke funding solutions for complex situations: bridging loans, commercial and development finance, complex income structures and later life lending. Their global network of more than 200 finance providers includes well-known High Street names, private investors, challenger banks, small building societies, boutique lenders and specialist private banks.

Matthew Matter

Translated into sixteen languages and with 2,00,000 books sold, 20th Century Fox is now developing his second novel, CyberStorm, for a major film release, Matthew Mather’s books are sold worldwide. He started several high-tech ventures in everything from computational nanotechnology to electronic health records, weather prediction systems to genomics, and even designed an award-winning brain-training video game.

Our Projects

We love to keep busy, here are some of the projects that the Radu Balas team have been working on for the past few years.



Using Facebook marketing and design skills of our team, we have built a successful t-shirt selling business. Bought and build hundreds of Facebook pages with millions of followers and tens of thousands of clients in several niches. Sample page available by clicking the image above.

Publishing Addict

A complete solution for authors built to cover all the necessary aspects an online presence needs. Starting with the technical aspects, then design and most importantly, marketing, Publishing Addict did all the work so that writers could focus on writing best-sellers.


wChecklist is a B2B SaaS solution, developed in-house for digital agencies and freelancers which allows them to easily manage the website creation process and look great doing it. It installs on the client website in less than 1 min. Impress your clients & earn more, while working less.

Luxury Private Jets

Connects sellers and buyers, high net worth individuals looking for exceptional standards. Our aviation organisation specializes in chartering luxury private flights, aircraft management services or get access to our data base of over 300 unlisted private jets.

4 Ecommerce shops

Made with love in Romania for Romania. E-commerce platforms to serve most of the market needs. A beautifully design websites, intuitive and easy to use is serving as the main selling point for B2B clients. We create compelling real content and our audience loves it. SEO is the main gain we’re playing for drive sales.

ICO Battle

We have decided. Crypto is the future and innovation is the key to create that future. We developed a system to help ICOs see that future better. Starting with ICO audits and web development support, we make sure that the crypto-projects get the deserved exposure and investors.

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