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Automate is such a tricky word. Facebook automates storage and organization of photos instead of having to print and compile them into a physical album. Anyone can see what you have posted on Instagram and with a single hashtag. Also with a hashtag, news of your college graduation can spread like wildfire on Twitter. Most of the things in our lives are automated now.

But to get all these apps connected in a personalized and organized way…that’s where IFTTT comes in.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT means If This, Then That.

It connects two channels (apps, tools, accounts) bringing about the concept of cause-and-effect, where This is the cause or Trigger and That is the effect or Action.

If “I post an image on instagram” then “save that image to my dropbox account automatically” – a simple example of iftt

So, when something happens on one channel, it triggers an action on the other channel. This combination is called a Recipe. There are popular Recipes pre-made by other users but you can create your own. There are two types of Recipes: Do Recipes and IF Recipes. As we are going to focus on automating the connections of your social media in terms of sharing, we will tackle the IF Recipes.

How to get started?

Create an account with IFTTT with just a few, simple steps.

Create an account with IFTTT

As soon as you completed the above form, you can already start with using IFTTT. First, I will walk you through on how to create your own Recipe. It’s useless to just tell how awesome it is but end up being vague, until you see how a Recipe is created. Because that way, you’ll understand the full concept of IFTTT.

For this example, we will create an IF Recipe where your Instagram posts will go to a specific photo album in your Facebook page.

To start, go to My Recipes and click Create a Recipe.

Create a Recype

Click “this” to specify the channel which will become the source of the Trigger.

If this then that

You will be prompted to choose a Trigger channel from among the list.

Choose Trigger Channel

The search bar helps you find an app if you already have one in mind. Just type it in. Since we are making a Recipe where your Instagram photos will go to an album to your Facebook page, search for Instagram.

Choose Trigger Channel Instagram

You will be asked to connect. Just enter your username and password. Once done, continue to the next step.

Connect the Instagram Channel

This time, you will choose the Trigger criteria, a cause that’s happening on Instagram.

Choose Trigger Channel Instagram 2

Choose one. In this example, I chose Any new photo by you. Then click Create Trigger.

Complete Trigger Fields

After you have set the Trigger, you can now specify the channel where your desired Action will happen. Click that.

Any new photo by

Choose Action channel.

Choose Action Channel

Since we already know which channel we need, let’s search for Facebook pages. Click the Facebook pages app.

Facebook Pages

Now, time to choose an Action and we’re choosing Upload a photo from URL.

Choose an Action

Next, put the URL of your Facebook page and choose what you’d like to appear along with the photo. Here, I chose caption. And the photo will automatically be added into Books album with the same caption as you wrote on Instagram. Once done, click Create Action.

Complete Action Fields

And here’s the final step. Put a Recipe title. Then click Create Recipe.

Create and Connect

After that, you’re done. A few minutes doing this will save you much time going back and forth Instagram and Facebook Page. It is possible to share your photos from Instagram to a Facebook page but NOT to a specific album. Here, you can define to which album in your Facebook page will a particular photo from Instagram will be saved.

If Instagram then Facebook

The purpose of this step-by-step demonstration isn’t only to teach you how to do it but also for you to (1) appreciate how EASY it is to do it and (2) how much control you have over your channels, that you can customize them according to your desires with hardly any limitations.

You can also search for popular pre-made Recipes if the combination you need is already available. You can skip having to choose channels but proceed right away to connecting these pre-defined channels to your account details. And the rest of the steps will essentially be the same as when you create your own.

What other useful combinations you can use?

Still following the demonstration above, you can create or personalize other IF Recipes. Below are recommended samples.

Share Your Instagram

Ever since Instagram and Twitter had split, the Instagram photos shared to Twitter comes out as a link only. With this Recipe, your photo will appear as native Twitter photo, meaning, it’s visible in the news feed as a photo and not just a URL.

Save your Instagram

You can have those photos stored in Dropbox for easier future reference.

Automatically share

Just remember to save your blog post as a draft first before publishing it because the url will go to your Facebook page wall each time you click Publish in WordPress. This is such a time-saving combination because, of course, you would normally want to share your blog post to your Facebook page.

Youtube to Linkedin

Not only can you link YouTube to LinkedIn, you can also connect it with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

There’s still much more you can do. The limits that these individual apps have put in place are taken down by IFTTT for you. It can optimize the way you connect to your audience without wasting so much time going back and forth these channels.

Do you have your personal favorite Recipes? Or have you created some which you’d think would be helpful for me and our readers? I’d be glad to know about them. Tell us in the comments!

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