Perfect Audience Retargeting

ABOUT: A gentle reminder for visitors who didn’t buy the service. They went on the page, but left without purchasing.

INFO: Try to catch them on different websites, and remind them about this great offer, websites like:,,, event catching them while they were reading their email.


Publishing Addict

Twitter marketing services, DONE-FOR-YOU.

Do you know a SINGLE loyal, raving fan will sell more of your books than anything else? It’s true, word of mouth advertising has always been the #1 source for businesses and authors.

So, where do these people come from?
How do they find out about YOUR book?

Publishing Addict can help you!

Done For You
Website: Twitter For Authors

Our Task


Simple elegant Facebook post design based on information from her book.

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • Design
  • Conversion
  • Colors
  • Facebook
  • Retargeting