Food Cover Design – 2016!

ABOUT: Simple book cover design “7 food that will change your life forever” for

INFO: Logo design was provided and the dark green/color scheme was created out of that. A strawberry theme was also added to the book design in order to aligned it with the general look and feel of the brand/website.

OTHER: Big, bold fun fonts were selected in order to be able to read the book title at almost any dimensions, starting even with 120px. A black transparent box was added to add even more contrast to the text. The 5 stars and the review was put in place to help with the authority/trust of the book.


INK Book Media

The client wanted a simple cover to put on a lead magnet they have on their own website.

INK Book Media Website:

Our Task


Design a nice and appealing book cover, yet simple to understand and connect at a glance. The theme was, health, kids, fun, easy.

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Conversion
  • Audience research