Discover Sci Fi

ABOUT: Sci-Fi Authors’ Website Offers Free Gifts for Readers

INFO: Several science fiction authors have opened up a new online platform intended to help them connect directly with readers — and it’s currently offering a free e-book upon sign-up and the chance to win 40 signed novels.


Discover Sci-Fi

The website, called Discover Sci-Fi, is a joint venture of 10 science fiction authors who intend to offer deals for discounted and free books, contests, sneak peaks and inside looks into the writers’ processes. It features the writers Matthew Mather, Nick Webb, Samuel Peralta, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Michael Grumley, Evan Currie, Autumn Kalquist, Jay Allan, Darren Wearmouth and Joshua Dalzelle.


Our Task


A fun header for Facebook ad creation to tell people about the new contest.

Skills Involved


  • Photoshop
  • Facebook
  • Conversion
  • Audience research
  • User Behavior