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Google  Assistant is an amazing feature of Android smartphones that enable certain mobile operations with the use of voice commands.  Google has developed this feature to provide a unique hands-free operation feature, especially for people who use Android smartphones. Competing with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Google  Assistant aims to create for its users a feature that lets you navigate through certain actions and tasks without even touching the mobile screen. Google  Assistant is available on most Android smartphones. It can also be separately downloaded for iPhones. From setting alarm clocks to playing music, Google  Assistant can perform various tasks and allow you to control your phone from a distance. You can also use Google  Assistant for getting directions while driving. Google  Assistant can perform multiple activities, many of which are unknown to its users. You need to say “Hello Google ” or “Ok Google. “Here is a list of commands you can use to make Google assistance help you use your phone in hands-free mode:-

Settings alarms and checking the time

Did you know that you can set alarms in handsfree mode? You can ask Google  Assistant to set your alarms or even cancel them when needed. You can also check the current time in your city as well as anywhere else on the planet.

  • Google Assistant lets you set alarms and the time with a simple command. Press the microphone icon and say “set alarm at…”. Google  Assistant will do the rest for you. You can also turn off alarms in the same way.
  • You can also check the time by asking Google to do so. Click on the microphone icon in Google Assistant and say “what’s the time” or something similar. You can similarly check times in different cities by specifying it in your voice command.
Set Alarm Google Assistant

Playing Music and listening to audiobooks

Google  Assistant can play music and videos for you in hands-free mode. Although there are some limitations to it, Google  Assistant can easily look up songs for you and play them. It can also identify songs and play audiobooks. These commands will be useful when you are busy doing some work or driving somewhere you can not use your phone.

  • You can ask Google to play a song whenever you want. Say hello, Google, and tell it to play any song or one of your choice. Keep in mind that Google Assistant cannot play songs from linked apps like Spotify.
  • You can ask Google to turn on the radio and play a song from a channel. Sometimes Google can play a song from a radio station of its choice when you ask it to play a song.
  • Listening to audiobooks can also be done using voice commands. You can ask or to play your choice of audiobook whenever you want.
  • You can watch videos by asking Google Assistant to play your choice of video on your phone.
  • If you have trouble identifying a song, simply ask Google Google  Assistant will help you find the song you are looking for or identify the one you are playing. Just ask Google  Assistant by saying, “Identify the song.”
Play Music Google Voice Command

Answering Questions

 Google  Assistant can find your answers from the Google browser within a few seconds. It is a fast way of getting information by using a voice command. You can ask it a question, a fact, a joke, and even the meaning of words by using your voice.

  • You can ask Google any question of your choice. Google Assistant is linked with the Google search engine and will give you answers in a jiffy.
  • You can ask Google Assistant to tell you a random fact. It will show you different facts every time you ask. Simply say, ” read me a fact.
  • Google Assistant can also tell you jokes if you wish to hear them. Ask Google  Assistant to say a joke by using the command “Tell me a joke.”
  • You can solve simple maths problems by asking Google Simple calculations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication can be done using voice commands.
  • You can also find meanings of unknown words or look for synonyms and such by using Google It will act as your personal on the go dictionary.
Google Assistant Voice Command

Navigation and Locating Places Nearby

Google  Assistant is linked with Google maps and can give you directions to any place in a few seconds. You have just to ask Google  Assistant for directions to a place, and it will automatically open a navigation map from Google  Maps. This feature and command help you to use your phone with your voice while driving.

  • If you are driving and seem to have been lost, you can use your voice to ask Google Assistant to open maps for you.
  • If you don’t know the exact route to your destination, you can use a voice command to make Google Assistant help you locate the place.
  • Google Assistant can also find places around you that you wish to visit. It can find your restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, markets, malls, hospitals, schools, and many more. You can also ask it to look for these places in a particular locality/city/town.
  • If you are visiting a new or unknown city, you can find the main attractions and places to visit by using your voice command.
Map Google Assistant Commands

Setting dates and marking events

Google  Assistant will mark dates for you in the calendar and remind you when it’s close. You can also ask it to look up future events or holidays by asking it to look through the calendar app on your phone.

  • You can now mark important dates, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on by asking Google Assistant to mark it for you on the calendar.
  • Google Assistant can also set reminders for upcoming events to remind you of them.
  • You can use Google Assistant to look up future or past holidays and events by using voice commands.
Google Assistant Tricks

Looking up privacy settings

Looking up privacy settings and changing them can be done using voice commands. Google  Assistant lets you alter and view your phone or account settings if you ask it to do so.

  • You can look up your search history by telling Google Assistant by using voice commands.
  • You can view and alter your account details and security numbers.
  • You can access the settings through Google
  • You can also ask Google Assistant to put your phone on silent mode or adjust the volume ring or music volume.
Google Assistant Commands

Communicating with people

Google  Assistant allows you to communicate with people by using voice commands. You can make calls or send messages in hands-free mode. You can contact your family members and friends or send important emails by using voice commands through Google Assistant.

  • Sending messages to friends or family members is easy with Google You just have to say “send a text to…,” and Google will follow your command.
  • Calling with Google Assistant also very easy. Simply say “call…” and it will make the call for you. This is especially beneficial for people when they are driving or are busy with some work.
  • Even Emails can be sent by using voice commands. You need to tell Google Assistant to send an email to anyone through your mobile.
Google Assistant Tips

Weather Reports

Weather reports can be got through voice commands whenever you want. It will provide you with the recent weather report to help you avoid thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc.

  • You can use Google Assistant to bring weather reports of the day.
  • You can check the current temperature or range of temperature of the day. You can even ask it to convert the temperatures into Farenheitght, Celsius, and Kelvin.
  • You can check for unpredictable weather or rains and thunderstorms when you are going somewhere.
Weather Google Assistant Voice Command

Watching Movies Online

Google  Assistant can play movies for you online as well. Ask Google  Assistant to play a movie of your choice, and it will do that for you.

  • Google Assistant will find movies of your choice and play them for you.
  • You can also browse teasers, trailers, and various videos through Google Assistant by using voice commands.
Watching Movie Goolge Assistant

Opening Applications

You can quickly find the apps you need and open them by using voice commands. You can navigate from one app to another and explore them through voice commands and Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Commands