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Time Frame [2 months]
Cost [£2000]

Are you ready for a success story? 

Our marketing agency recently achieved something remarkable: ranking on page 1 and 2 of for mortgage marketing related keywords in just 2 months! 

and even #1 for many keywords (see images)

The Challenge:

The mortgage industry is no walk in the park.

So creating succefull seo campaigns requires a lot of planing and researching.

(email us if you want the full list of keywords for the mortgage industry and how dificult it is to rank for each)

With 3000-4000 monthly searches from brokers seeking marketing help, it’s a fairly competitive battleground.

But we love challenges, and we knew we could make a difference.

Our Strategy:

Laser-Focused SEO: We optimized our website for keywords like “mortgage digital marketing” and “SEO for mortgage brokers.” These terms became our secret weapons.

Image Of Keywords Ranking For Mortgage Marketing.

Content Magic: We crafted engaging blog posts, infographics, pdfs and videos that demystified mortgage marketing processes. Our content was like a beacon, guiding borrowers through the complex maze.

Social Media: We sprinkled our magic across platforms. From LinkedIn to Twitter, we shared tips, success stories, and industry insights.

Our followers grew faster than interest rates!

Client-Centric Approach: We put ourselves in the shoes of mortgage brokers. What would they want? How could we make their lives easier?

Our solutions were tailor-made.

The Results:

200 Keywords Conquered: We danced our way to the top for 200 mortgage marketing related keywords. 🎉

Happy Brokers: Mortgage brokers found us through our exceptional customer experience. They loved our content and expertise.

Visibility Boost: Our website glowed like a neon sign. Brokers couldn’t miss us!

ROI: Our efforts paid off. More leads, more conversions, more smiles. We already got 3 leads for PPC and SEO and one company looking for mortgage landing pages. This is just the start I am sure that over the next 5 years these keywords will generate much more traffic 24/7.

Lessons Learned:

Service Trumps Price: Customers crave an exceptional experience. It’s not just about rates; it’s about trust and guidance.

Reassurance Matters: Borrowers want clarity, simplicity, and speed. We deliver

Digital Transformation: Invest in tech, embrace change, and stay ahead of the curve.

 Thank You to our team, our clients, and the mortgage industry for believing in us. Let’s keep climbing those rankings! 


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