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Welcome to my passive recurring income blog. I share from time to time tips and tricks I've learned. Things that I have personally tried and made a real impact in my business.

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Developing a Leadership Mindset – What You Should Learn from Top Athletes

In any sport there are always a few teams or individuals that excel consistently. Their success comes from great leadership and mindset.

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How to Stand Out on Twitter with your Main Book Characters

There are Twitter accounts created for classic writers such as William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, but also for main book characters.

What is bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) used for online payments, an alternative way for the usual transactions we are used to.


Are You Handling Online Negative Reviews Properly?

Are you Handling Online Negative Reviews Properly?

Online negative reviews can have adverse effects on your business. Even a single one can pull your listing down the customer review sites.