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Technology matters a lot to the success of any business, and one of the most important piece of the puzzle when running an online business, that get’s overlook is hosting and website management.

By transferring the client website to our state-of-the-art server, we were able to get an increase of 20% in performance and 100% increase in speed.

These are important metrics to take into account, when you add the fact that you might get 100k visitors a year, this simple change alone will help with

  1. Faster sites means – more conversions/sales – according to this research
  2. Faster sites means less bounce rate
  3. Faster sites means – more love from Search Engine
  4. Faster sites means – clients will feel better using the site and will return more often

To generate this report we have used gtmetrix – a leading tool for checking out your website speed, some other tools we use are:


If you are interested in finding more about your website you can book an in-depth analysis on the form here.