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Steven Pressfield

A very interesting read from a great from a writer, Steven Pressfield, and even better, today you can grab it here for free… Just download this and read it later, the normal price for it is $10 on kindle.

7 Tips for Authors to Grow Your Audience on LinkedIn

Not all social media platforms are created equal. For writers, it’s almost imperative that they’re on Twitter or Facebook, but do not always need to be on Tumblr or Snapchat. The last two are great tools if you’re writing young adult fictions because that’s where you can find most young adults. On the other hand, […]

How to Turn your Blog Visitors into Book Buyers

It’s kind of like parenting where you promote and support a child from infancy to adulthood. Similarly, you can use the same process with your author-blog followers. You provide developmental support by writing incredible contents and hopefully get them to stick around and become your regular visitors. Except that you want more than that, without […]

Blogging Topics with Benefits

For a blog to be effective, there has to be regular posts to keep the traffic running and to keep your readers returning. There are several reasons why many author-bloggers struggle with content. It’s mostly not about writing itself. You’re an author so writing is one of the best things you do. However, it’s not […]