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People around the world depend on Radu Balas to show them clear marketing systems on how to put their businesses in front of their clients, increase sales, drive more traffic, build a brand, grow their email lists all while spending less time doing it using tools and automation.

Drawing on his years of designer and marketing specialist experience, working for some of the worlds top influencers, along with his own experience in building a business from scratch, Radu provides priceless insights and a clear path to follow for a stress-free approach to starting and growing your own online business.

Radu is also a best-selling author and runs several successful businesses online.

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Clear Path

After you publish and even sell a few books you realize that it's not all about your writing, or the plot, it's much more than that. Book a session with me, and I will walk you through the main steps you need to take to become a successful author and really sell books.

Author Platform

You need a home on the web to make your presence known.. There are a lot of moving parts and it’s important to navigate them correctly!  This is my specialty if you need help Start here.

Perfect Funnel

The  funnel means speaks to the way you look at your online presence and the best way to use it. FYI…posting on Facebook and waiting for a “Like” it’s not a funnel. Lean the best way to sell books online.

Social Media

Learn how to use social media without wasting 10 hours per week. You want real followers that produce real sales and I show you how.  The method can be used to get you closer to your readers – Twitter For Authors

What I Love The Most!

Award Winning Websites

Steve Jobs said: “Design is not JUST what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

First impressions are everything. That’s why a beautiful website it's a crucial part on your business.

Perfect Simple Systems

By creating systems, you can make it work efficiently for a long time with little effort, less maintenance and fewer mistakes.

Create simple systems.
They work.

Positive Smart People

It is better to surround yourself with positive, smart individuals.

Working with positive people, makes the everyday tasks much more enjoyable.

Tom Ufert

It is with high regard and esteemed pleasure that I express my sincerest recommendation for the company PublishingAddict.com owned by Radu Balas. Their creativity, quality control, swift execution and highly competitive fee structure make this company an invaluable asset.

Tom UfertU.S. Presidential CandidateTom’s Website
Matthew Mather

Amazing! Radu totally outdid my expectations, completely blown away by how fast and responsive he and his team is.

Very happy to recommend, and anyone who wants can even email me for the recommendation! Awesome!

Matthew MatherBest-selling author (500K Books Sold) of CyberStorm, recently acquired for film by 20th Century Fox.Matthew Mather



My Latest Book

Writing a book is one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do. It’s as important a milestone as getting married and having a child.

In fact, it’s just like having a child. You’ll wait for it to develop over many months, watch it grow, nurture it, give it everything you’ve got, and then send it on its way – out to the public to live a life of its own.

It will be part of your legacy.

Something you’ll leave to the world.

How to sell books by Radu Balas.


I read this book in one sitting, and felt there was good information here. I bought it as part of an offer that I do plan to take advantage of because I think that it could be beneficial. I liked how the author talked about the business end of writing. I do think a lot of authors miss the mark in that area because we're so focused on the writing aspect.

The section on blogging is very important/helpful. I always knew/heard that blogging was a good approach but didn't see the full importance until I read all the reasons why.

Perri Forrest
Perri ForrestBest-selling author

This is a fantastic and very thorough plan on how authors can truly leverage their book and brand. As a publisher and marketer for authors, this will be required reading for anyone starting out. And, coincidentally, for any author who needs to get back to the basics.

We all know non-fiction books don't generate a ton of revenue. The real payday is in the brand and extra products and services we offer. Radu helps to clarify not only the design but positioning of this brand for us.

Doug Crowe
Doug CroweSpeaker, author, publisher and entrepreneur

OMG! I never knew what “platform” was until I read this book. I also didn't realize the importance of cohesive marketing and making it all work together. This book tells you what to do and equally as important, what NOT to do to be seen as a credible author, and how to create and HOLD a following of loyal visitors to my site who are waiting to hear what I have to say.

It's a good feeling knowing I have this backup reference. It's become such a valuable tool for me. And it's really user friendly and broken down for an easy read.

Lee Caleca
Lee CalecaAuthor

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